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FAQ about the basic knowledge of products

 1. What’s angel eye ?

The angel eye is the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) light attached around the projector lens, it will be light up by using angel eye inverter (igniter). Normally, several different colors are available for the angel eyes, such as White, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. You can choose one desired color among those.


 2. What’s demon eye?

 The demon (devil) eye is the CCFL light built inside the projector lens, it will be light up by using demon eye inverter (igniter), different from angel eye, and the demon eye light will emitting out from the projector lens. In most case, the demon eye will be light up at the same time with angel eye. Demon eye light will be disappeared once the main light has been turn on. When the main light be turned off, demon eye appears again! Normally, several different colors are available for the demon eyes, such as Blue, Red and Green. You can choose one desired color among those.


 3. How does the angel eye or demon eye work?

 It will be light up by using angel eye /demon eye inverter (igniter), and normally it will be connected to the driving light. It can also be used as daytime running light.


 4. Which bulb color shall I choose?

Many people believe that the higher the color temperature the brighter the lamp. This is totally wrong. The color temperature is purely a scale to measure the color of the light output. It is a reference purely for color and could equally be called White, Green or Blue.

The reality is the higher up the scale the lamps are the less bright they become. 6000K lamps are approx 5-10% brighter (measured in Lumens, not degrees K) than the 8000K. 4300K has better penetration compare with 6000K, particular in the rainy day or mist days. And 6000K is the best combination of the color and brightness!  8000K and 10000K looks cool and attractiveness with quite satisfied light output, much brighter than stock halogen bulb.
Degrees K = only color    Lumen = Brightness   


5. Do I need to buy extra accessory to complete the installation?

The HID projector headlight assembly has included all necessary accessories you need for installation. Headlight assembly HID projector, HID bulb, HID Ballast, wiring harness, angel eye and demon eye (optional).


6. What’s the difference between 35W and 55W? Which wattage shall I choose?

55W is about 20% brighter than 35W, and the 35Watt HID light is 300% brighter than stock halogen bulb, if you want the best performance, 55 Watt is the best choice. If the displacement of your motorcycle is larger than 250cc, 55Watt will be okay, if less than 250cc we would recommend 35watt for your motorcycle, for small scooter, we would recommend 25Watt, even for 25watt, it will be 200% brighter than stock halogen bulb.


7. How can I distinguish the hid kits and the fully headlight assembly? Sometimes it’s confused, because the images are similar!

 Normally, on the product page, we have information explaining this item is the HID kits or Fully Headlight Assembly. And besides, the Fully Headlight Assembly is more expensive than the kits. So you can also tell the difference in this way.



8.what is the difference between your relay harness and other relay harness? 

Our relay harness with low beam on/off switch integrated is tailor-made for motorcycles, and it also has special connectors for angel eye/demon eye. It’s very convenient for you to install the headlight, just plug and play .And of course, we recommend the professionals do the installation. For other relay harness, most of them are used in cars originally; you still need to do a lot of modification to the relay harness during installation.


9. what is the difference between the HID Projector Kits and Fully Headlight Assembly?

Fully Headlight Assembly is the item with projectors and housing pre-installed, which can directly displace the stock headlight unit, you just need to do some wiring connection(just like plug and play). When it’s all done, start a power supply, the lights on. And for the HID projector kits, it includes the hid projectors and some accessories; you need to put them into the existing headlight housing when you do the installation. It needs more time and effort comparing to the fully headlight assembly.


10. What does the LHD(left hand drive) and RHD(right hand drive) in the options mean?

LHD(left hand drive) means you drive the car or motorcycle on the right side of the road; And correspondingly, RHD(right hand drive) means drive the car or the motorcycle on the left side of the road. This option is just to make sure the low beam cut off line is correct when you are driving on the road, and avoid the road accident.



Payment FAQs

1. Which methods of payment should I choose will be better?

For simplifying the process sake, I suggest that you pay through PayPal. As you know, it always takes at least 2-3 months to clear international check so that the dealing and shipping will cost too much time.

PayPal is a faster, easier and safer payment method. It is widely used in international online business. Even if you do not want to register a PayPal account, you can still use your credit card to go through PayPal checkout process without any extra steps.


2. If I come into a problem in ordering process, and can’t pay for the item, what should I do?

In this case, please contact our customer service representative to help. Remember what you want to order, and then tell our representative. We will issue an paypal invoice to you , and you pay it using your credit card. Finally, you order will be in processing.


3. Can I make changes to my order?

If you want to make changes to your order, It’s best to just cancle your order and hten place a new order. Please note that most of our products can be cancelled up until they are shipped, certain products cannot be cancelled or restocking/processing fees may apply.



FAQ about the Warranty, Refunds and Returns

1. How long for the warranty? How can I claim the warranty if defective found, do I need to send back the defective items?

One year warranty will be offered to the items we are selling, if the defective (malfunction) is found during the warranty period, we will provide free spare parts to replace the defective one. Considering the high shipping cost and customer tax, we don’t need our customers send back defective items(excluding the complete headlight assembly) to us. In most cases, we will require customers to send pictures or video to proof the defective or malfunction. Shipping costs for replacement  parts will be borne on customer’s side after you bought the item over 3 months. If defective (malfunction) is found after the warranty period, we can also provide spare parts with reasonable price.

Following are the exceptions.


①The malfunction and damaged caused by incorrect use or improper installation, the unauthorized repairs and alteration.


②The damage caused by fire, flood, abnormal voltage, other natural disasters and secondary product damage.


③The product malfunction caused by the fall and transportation failures after purchasing.


④The product malfunction caused by not in accordance with the user manual operation.


⑤The malfunction and damage caused by the other barriers( man-made factors or external device)



2. After I receive the item, and I don’t want it anymore, how can I return it to you? What about the refunds?

You can return the item to us, but the shipping cost will be on buyer's account. And make sure everything in the package is in good condition. And after we receive the item and check everything is fine, we will give buyer refund, but we will deduct the shipping costs we have paid to the courier. We can only accept the return within 7 days after the item was delivered For details, please contact us directly.


Extra service

1. If I have special requests about the angel eye color, demon eye color, and the bulb temperature? Can you make it for me?

Yes, we can build the headlight assembly or HID Kits according to buyer's requests, but please be noted that additional fees may be incurred. And when you place your order, leave related messages to us, and then we can make it for you. You can also contact us directly if you have special demand.


2. Can I send my original headlight assembly to you to refit it?

Sorry, we don’t offer that kind of service. We would recommend you purchase the complete custom headlight assembly from us and then ask professional technicians to help you at your local .That would be economical way for both of us.


Technical FAQs

1. Can I install it by myself?

We suggest the custom headlight/HID projector be installed by professional mechanic to ensure the best performance. If the retrofitter familiar with the lighting system, and consider the high labor costs, retrofitter may do it by themselves and following the instruction manual provided by us.


2. When the original light is on, how can I control the High/low beam from the item?

Our tailor-made relay harness equipped with a toggle switch which can ensure you control the on/off of the low beams manually, and you can still using the original handle bar switch to control the high/low beam of the headlight. Hence you can turn on the low beam only when you need.


3. Does the headlight assembly have Remote Control?

The custom headlight does not include remote control function, but you can use your stock handle bar high/low beam switch to control this custom headlight assembly, also our relay harness equipped with one toggle on switch which can ensure you turn the low beam on/off manually.


4.Can you add some switches to control the hi/low beam ,but at the same time I still can use the original handle bar switch. And do I need to pay extra fees?

Yes, mostly we will add low beam on/off switch to help you control the low beam on/off manually, and you still can using original handle bar high low beam switch to control the high/low beam of the custom headlight( or HID Projector) 



Shipping and delivery FAQs:

1. Do you offer free shipping?

 Free Shipping is available for dozens of Countries Such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan. For more details information, please click the following link: Free Shipping Service
Free Shipping is only available for order amount equal or more than US$50


2. How long will it take to receive the item ?


We offer worldwide shipping services by using FedEx, DHL, UPS,EMS, USPS, TOLL as well as ordinary airmail.


Following is the delivery time for different countries and regions. Normally it will takes around 4-7 working days for the delivery. For more details information, please click the following link:  Shipping Time



 3. Do I need to pay the custom taxes when the item is under custom clearance? Does the taxes very high?

Import duty is what your country customs will charge you when your package passes through your country customs. It's always buyer's responsibilities to clear customs and pay the relevant custom duties.
So dear customer, your package import duty will be responsible by importer yourself, we are not responsible for the import duty. Because we have no idea about your importing country's tariff policy and can not confirm the customs cost. 
www.ktmotorcycle.com doesn't add any import duty in our product price or our shipping cost.


What will we do to reduce your import tax?


If you have specific requirement on the declare value of the invoice that we will give to courier when ship your package, please leave message on our website or mail to info@ktmotorcycle.com, we will do as you required.


If you have no instruction about the invoice declare value, usually we will declare the item value range from 10USD-200USD which depends on the package weight and package volume, normally we will declare it around 15%-30% base on the actually value, so even duty incurred, the duty can be reduced sharply.